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Tbilisi, Georgia

The largest city in Georgia and its capital - Tbilisi, is a developed tourist destination, which boasts an abundance of architectural heritage and amazing nature. Tbilisi is located on the banks of the Kura River, the water which divides the city into two parts.

First Tiflis, as previously called Tbilisi, mentioned in sources dating from the 4th century. Construction of the city is associated with the presence of warm sulfur springs. Today sulfur baths quarter Abanotubani very popular among visitors.

The most attractive sights of the city, which can not be avoided - the ancient fortress Narikala , from the top of which is a nice view. In Tbilisi, a lot of different museums. One of the most interesting and famous - Ethnographic Museum of Georgian Folk Architecture , located on Turtle Lake.

The main historical heritage of the city is its ancient religious architecture: Anchiskhati - Tbilisi ancient cathedral, built in the 6th century, the cathedral Zemo Betlemi, Metekhi Church , Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi or the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Church Dzhvaris Mom . Most of the buildings of the historic center of Tbilisi were built in the 18-19th centuries. Its mystery attracts Mtatsminda Pantheon . Modern architecture of the city at least surprising unusual sleek, for example, will be an interesting examination of the House of Justice, and of course the famous bridges in the world .

Visit legendary Tiflis impossible to imagine without the traditional Georgian cuisine. Cafes and restaurants offer many variations pocetitelyam khinkali and khachapuri, which are peppered with real Georgian wine and unique atmosphere. In Tbilisi House of Wines, located at street Leselidze, you can buy the best wines. Each guest Tbilisi considers mandatory walk through the flea market "Dry Bridge" . On the main city flea market you can buy souvenirs and all sorts of antiques.

The city is highly developed tourist infrastructure - opened many hotels and hostels . From the airport, located 15 kilometers from Tbilisi, to the center can be reached by bus №37, on the train, which runs several times a day, or a taxi.

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