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Ethnographic Museum, Tbilisi

Ethnographic Museum, Tbilisi

Museum of Georgian Folk Architecture was created by renowned ethnographer George Reading in 1960. Today, the number of exhibits is almost 100 pieces in the territory of 52 hectares.

Ethnographic Museum of Georgia striking way to display different times. The entire exhibition is a village with many houses, each of which can tell their own story.

Come here tourists are considering construction of more than one hour, because here collected all the most interesting buildings from the Bronze Age to the present. Having admired the external decoration, it should go inside any home. Interior presented exactly as it was in the days of use of the building. Here you can see furniture and clothing, traditional decorations and weapons, embroidery and household items.

Interesting exhibits in the Museum of Ethnography

The most popular is "darbazi" - the kind of ancient dwellings, similar to the dugout, where residents of Georgia were hiding from Turkish invaders. In the museum are workshops, smithy, stables, barns, stables and other special construction. In them you can see the national production, including weapons and forged products of this forge.

Tourists love to be photographed next to a hunting lodge built in the 18-19 centuries. There has been removed than one film, and while shooting "1000 and one recipe enamored culinary specialist" in the house he lived Pierre Richard.

How to reach the museum

Going from Tbilisi in the south-west, it is enough to drive three kilometers to be in the Vake Park near Turtle Lake , where the extraordinary ethnographic museum.

A visit to the museum can be done on any day except Monday

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