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Kvareli, Kvareli municipality

Kvareli city located in the eastern part of Georgia, Kakheti picturesque landscape, including the Alazani Valley. Is the capital of the eponymous district. Kvareli, primarily known for producing the famous Georgian wine Kindzmarauli.

The most popular attractions Qvareli compactly located in the heart of the city, around its main square. Passes through the city Ilia Chavchavadze Avenue, on which the town castle and the church of St. John the Baptist, built in the 12th century. Will be interesting to visit the House-Museum of Ilia - great publicist, called the "father of the Georgian nation."

Near the town is eminent Kvareli Lake , which is a popular resort. Nearby you can see one of the main landmarks of Georgia - the monastery complex Nekresi , as well as Grammy castle and church Dzveli-Gavazi . Lagodekhi National Park is also close to Kvareli. Neighborhood of the city besieged by vineyards Kindzmarauli on himself winery can get to the tour group.

A few kilometers from Kvareli has a unique cave in a long tunnel that holds a huge wine cellar. The air temperature is ideal for aging wine. The tunnel is made to clay jars, oak barrels and bottles filled with the best grades. Most of them sustained were produced in the 1840s. The tour of the wine tunnel at desire can turn into wine. Here you can buy any of the favorite beverages. From the wine tunnel speed elevator takes visitors on a rock, where they can expect Amazing panorama and one of the best restaurants in Georgia.

In Kvareli well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are several hotels, a cafe, information center. Welcoming Georgian village can provide a welcome haven from which it will be convenient to explore other notable places of Kakheti.

Other administrative center of the municipality
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