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Mount Kazbek

Mount Kazbek

On the territory of Georgia is Mount Kazbek, whose height is 5033 meters. Georgian name of the mountain is translated as "the mountain of ice pinnacle." Kazbek is an inactive volcano that last erupted in 650 BC.

Legends Kazbek

Like everything else in Georgia, Mount can tell a lot of stories. But the local population still knows several legends about it. The Mount Kazbek ancient monastery located Betlemi (Bethlehem), in which, according to legend, kept the many shrines and monks climbed to the abode of a special metal chain. One legend says that St. Joseph brought from the monastery of the king Irakli tent of Abraham.

According to another legend, a monk who lived here sheltered shepherdess. As punishment for it is the Lord raised up above the monastery icy summit.

Another legend says that it is to this mountain Prometheus was chained for the fire brought to people. And every night, flew to his eagle named Ida, to peck at his liver. The next morning the liver grows again in the evening all repeated.

What to see near Mount Kazbek

In the area adjacent to Mount Heavy is Trinity Church, which once kept a cross Georgian Nino enlightener. On the mountain Kazbek is the former building of the weather station, and today - a haven for climbers.

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